Our teaching philosophy is best reflected in the words of Meryl Streep - an advanced approach focusing on the intuition, imagination, and unique personality of the actor to create immediate, vibrant, and truthful performances.
"Thank you so much Eric for always being reliable, flexible, understanding, and a brilliant teacher. I feel your teaching has changed my career completely! I owe all my success to you. Thank you and I look forward to continuing our work."  
Lindsey Morgan, General Hospital
Eric really hits the nail on the head when it comes to being truly authentic in the craft of acting. The work he teaches is unique and powerful.”
Carol Abney

“I came from Europe to do intensive training with a group of prominent LA acting coaches. The class with Eric was the best for me. The work with him taught me to trust myself and gave me self confidence.” 

Nicole Lauder

Our unique acting workshops provide cutting edge solutions to acting & difficult challenges.

The answers are not easy, but simple and effective.

Experienced actors will discover a new level of depth & subtlety in their work.

All actors will gain ease and confidence in their creativity.

Acting is play. It is not meant to be regurgitation or canned choreography. It is a creative act.

Actors explore in a safe and rigorous professional laboratory environment to rediscover magic in their craft.
Diverse student body is united in their passion for the craft of acting and commitment to excellence
On camera technique, cold reading, memorized scenes, audition and casting sessions . . .
"Eric De is outstanding in all his characters. His voice and mannerisms are unique and perfect for each role. He steals the show with ease"
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